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Beyond Boundaries Coaching, LLC

Are You Ready....?

As you are reading this now, you probably are ready to make some changes in your life. If you are, you either have something going on in your life that you want to change, or maybe there is something (like confidence, empowerment, fulfillment) that you want much more of. Contact me to get started

Coming October 2023: NLP Practitioner Training - October 2023

NLP Practitioner Training

As you are reading this, you are obviously interested in learning more about how to connect with your unlimited resources and bring empowering results to yourself and those around you. As a Practitioner of NLP you will become a master of your mind, and your results.

You will also become a trend-setter in your field, while connecting and enjoying being who your really are, making the difference you want to make for yourself and others, through the highest quality training (and it's fun!!!). If your are ready to experience these changes, contact me.


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Learn More About How We Can Help You- in Personal Growth & Development, Business, Family and Relationship

NLP Practitioner Training Ocotber 2023

Beyond Boundaries Coaching LLC

Presented by Frank McNellis, NLP Master Coach and Certified NLP Trainer

If you are ready to move up to a high level of excellence and magnificence in your life, then this training is for you! Step into 2023 and step into your own empowerment as you learn the skills of NLP.
 -Learn powerful ways to communicate and connect with others
 -Become a powerful and influential force in the world, empowering yourself as well as those around you
-Remove any obstacles that may be holding you back
-Step into your own self-confidence and your highest potential -Reach your goals

Most likely, “wishing and wanting” haven’t helped you get where you want to be. When you master the skills of NLP you will be able to clearly know what you want, remove what has been holding you back, and take action!

•How to Propel Yourself to the Next Level of Excellence
•Learn Essential Skills so your Message is Clearly Understood by Others (and so You Understand What They are Telling You)
•Build Rapport and Develop Trust
•Get Rid of the Obstacles That Have Held You Back
•Find Your Own Power and Magnificence

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Meet Your Coach - Frank McNellis

Do you ever start something, with the fullest intention of carrying it out to the end, and find yourself getting stuck, not moving ahead? How did that make you feel

If you answered “yes”, you can learn how to reach you goals

Why Beyond Boundaries Coaching?

Often, we feel we’re missing out on happiness that life has to offer. We find ourselves asking, “Why am I unhappy?” or, “Is there more to life than this?”.

Negative emotions and limiting beliefs will keep us stuck; preventing us from growing to create the life we want and deserve.

The Beyond Boundaries coaching sessions help remove limitations and set robust, meaningful goals!

Learn about yourself and realize thoughts and behaviors that are keeping you stuck and from having the life you want.

If you are ready to make the changes and create a path to the life you want, remove the negative emotions and limiting beliefs that are holding you back, and are ready to be in charge of your life, then contact me.

All of us want a life of joy, growth, and fulfillment- Beyond Boundaries Coaching can help.

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